Create new healthy habits with your team and get the body you always wanted

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who became superstronger


bet 200 EUR

lost 9.6 kgs in 2 months


bet 200 EUR

lost 9.8 kgs in 2 months


bet 100 EUR

lost 6.5 kgs in 2 months

How it works

#1 :Set up your team challenge

First you set your target weight and decide how much money you use to support yourself during the process. Then you create your team by inviting your friends, coworkers to the challenge.  

#2: Two months weight loss period

You have two months to meet your target. During the process you share your success and challenges with each other and you get help from weight loss experts. 

#3: Maintenance period

In the third month you have to keep your target weight. If you keep your weight til the end of the 3rd month you win and you get back your money. If you don't those team mates will get your money who met their target. 

The science of behavior change

Clear goal and motivation

If we want to change we need clear targets a shocking impulse what motivates us and gives the extra energy and focus. In SUPERSTRONGER we do exactly this. 

Team support

We can change easier with the support of others.  Those who are in the same shoes as we are can help  us through the difficulties we face during the process. 

Personal Feedback

In the process of change it is easy to feel lost. That's why we need personalized feedback and support. At SUPERSTRONGER you get coaching, experts when you need it the most.  

the SUPERSTronger team

David - founder


"I was fat and I was fighting against it in the last 15 years. I have found this way and  it worked for me and for my friends. I want to share it with everyone"

David worked for Philips Personal Health solutions and GE Healthcare. He is a professional Coach, Trainer , Agile Coach and Startup Professional 

Philippe - Code


"David was my colleague at GE where we became friends. I believe that SUPERSTRONGER changes how we think of ourselves and I want to be part of it."

Philippe was born in France, lived in the USA and Germany and now he lives in Hungary. He is a Clean Code Ninja on both ends. 

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